Free time and duties at the chateau

Mike testing his musical abilities at the saxophone









Aside from working 6 hours a day as paid apprentices, (mainly our poor fountain restoration project and the game room), we had many hours of free time to explore –both at the chateau and in the village.  Some of this free time was spent learning to play musical instruments such as the piano, saxophone, guitar, and hurdy guirdy.

Victor and Mike trying 2 hurdy guirdies  (instruments going back to the middle ages)








Our sacred daily walks lead by Monique and Karen (sometimes more than 10 kilometres) around the area of Le Blanc were a time of good conversation and introspection.









Patrice taught everyone how to play the French game of petanque.

Mike, Myles and Victor playing “petanque”









Each one of the apprentices had ‘kitchen patrol’ to help with the daily meals and also learn a thing or two about food prep, cooking and nutrition.

Abraham making lunch for the group










The group scarfing the lunch








Bon appetit!



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2 Responses to Free time and duties at the chateau

  1. Frances Adnoff says:

    Wow! What a special program for kids without the love and support of parents and a sense of belonging to family!
    These kids are needing and they are ours…from our own U. S.A! What is their future if they don’t get a push of
    confidence and a sense of direction to become a well-rounded citizen, contributing their new-found skills to better
    our own culture here in the states? We need more programs such as this to keep young people who feel unloved,
    unwanted and worthless from ending up in street gangs, drugs and in crowded prisons which we as tax-payers have
    to support. Is it not a better idea to contribute to a cause such a Chateau Vert, Int”l BEFORE these deserving
    transitional aged ex-foster cared youth (l8 to 24) go astray? My belief is that it makes more sense to help them
    and in turn, it will be helping us by making our communities a safer and more productive place in which to live.

  2. Among the items found at Versailles at this time a collection of natural curiosities that has been assembled by the sieur Fayolle during his voyages in America. The collection was sold to the comte d’Artois and was later confiscated by the state. Fayolle, who had been nominated to the

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