Vive le tour de France!

It has been almost two weeks since our last blog.  Sorry for the delay…we almost got away with not seeing the emergency room on this pilot program…we will explain that story in another blog. But first, here are a few interesting things that happened in between…

Chateau Vert is very fortunate to be located only 40 minutes from a major city called Chateauroux. This year this city was part of the route of the Tour de France. Naturally, this was a must see for our apprentices.


Monique, Sharon and Mike enjoying lunch from one of the Tour vendors







Abraham, Myles, Victor, Patrice and Karen







Top sprinters almost at finish line







It was so exciting to see the “peloton” (big group of racers) ride in to the finish line going upwards of 45 miles per hour! There was so much energy in the air, so much noise from the crowd and so many promo items being tossed in the crowd – from foam fingers, hats, beer, candies to even salami. We don’t remember who won the stage and for us it didn’t matter.


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One Response to Vive le tour de France!

  1. David S says:

    Fantastique! You got to see Le Tour live, an amazing sight I catch every year via video. Hope you post more pics.

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